Asociación Internacional de los Movimientos Familiares de Formación Rural
Association Internationale des Mouvements Familiaux de Formation Rurale
Associazione Internazionale dei Movimenti Familiari di Formazione Rurale
International Association of Family Movements for Rural Training
Associação Internacional de Movimentos Familiares de Formação Rural

International Colloquium at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada)

During past 17 and 18 October, took place in the Faculty of Education of the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) an international colloquium which had as its slogan «Alternate System: training and transformation».

The Colloquium was co-organized by the AIMFR, the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada), the Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur la Formation et Profession Enseignante, (CRIFPE, Canada) and QISAQ (Qualification et Insertion Socioprofessionnelle des Jeunes Adultes Québécois, Université de Québec, Canada).

Entities of reference associated with the AIMFR of Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Mozambique and Canada attended the colloquium. In addition, different experts from different universities in Canada also attended.

Over the two days of the colloquium different testimonies and conferences were listened to about how the Educational Alternate System is applied in different contexts. Furthermore, researches were presented that have to do with our educational modality applied in both the Middle/Secondary education level and the world of the University.

The final lecture of the colloquium was conducted by Gaston Pineau (honorary professor in Sciences of the Education of the University of Tours, France, and emeritus researcher of Centr’Ere, UQAM) whose dissertation was focused in «the Alternate System between training and transformation: reflections of the Alternate System over time».

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