Asociación Internacional de los Movimientos Familiares de Formación Rural
Association Internationale des Mouvements Familiaux de Formation Rurale
Associazione Internazionale dei Movimenti Familiari di Formazione Rurale
International Association of Family Movements for Rural Training
Associação Internacional de Movimentos Familiares de Formação Rural

IV International Colloquium on Development Cooperation in the North of Morocco. 6-10 June, Tetouan – Morocco.

The Consejo Independiente de Protección de la Infancia, la Asociación, Infancia, Cultura y Educación and the Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y del Deporte de Melilla organizaron el IV Coloquio Internacional sobre Cooperación al Desarrollo en el Norte de Marruecos, which with the title » Migrant adolescents without family references: beyond the age of majority”. A congress to share experiences, from social and academic education, around the problem of young Moroccans from vulnerable social contexts who migrate to Europe without guarantees.

Jordi González-García and Andreu Gutiérrez-Sierra presented the communication entitled «The alternation pedagogy: the challenge of dignifying people and their territory» presenting the alternation pedagogy as a tool for rural development. The need to offer a solution at origin to avoid this type of migration was addressed and the Alternation system was presented as an adequate solution to address this problem. A personalized and comprehensive training that helps the young people of the community to realize the opportunities that their territory offers them and from which they can develop their personal and professional project. It is not about getting them not to want to emigrate, but about ease them want to stay.

It was explained that the success of the Alternation system relies on the commitment of all the actors in the community, and that it is essential that a dialogical relationship be established between all of them. And the possibilities of partial virtuality, with the support of the Digital Grow platform of the Ondjyla Foundation, it is possible to bring training closer to young people from remote territories. For which the figure of a dialogue facilitator is necessary, a responsibility that falls on the teacher (monitor). It was also explained that it is necessary for the teacher to carry out, duly accompanied, a specific and consistent training with the Alternation system to successfully develop their multiple functions.


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Deceso Presidenta de FACEPT en Argentina

Con profundo pesar y corazones apesadumbrados, nos dirigimos a ustedes para compartir la triste noticia del fallecimiento de PATRICIA SUMEY, Presidenta de nuestro socio FACEPT,