Asociación Internacional de los Movimientos Familiares de Formación Rural
Association Internationale des Mouvements Familiaux de Formation Rurale
Associazione Internazionale dei Movimenti Familiari di Formazione Rurale
International Association of Family Movements for Rural Training
Associação Internacional de Movimentos Familiares de Formação Rural

Tribute to Daniel Chartier by Jean-Claude Gimonet (In English)

Daniel Chartier, a pioneer and an important actor of the MFR, died this beginning of February 2017 at the age of 90 years old. From 1947 till 1991 he worked, continuously, for the education of the teenagers, for the development of the rural territories.

He was instructor, then director of a MFR before becoming a director of the educational national Center of the movement where he exercised most of his professional life.

After his retirement he became a mayor of the village of Chaingy for 13 years, while he continued his commitments with employees in the service of his fellow compatriot. But he also established, with his wife, a beautiful family with 4 children.


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